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Bishop Kevin Foreman is a multi-dimensional man who has devoted his life to changing lives. Bishop Foreman spent his formative years in an area riddled with the plight that often accompanies the inner-city. From humble beginnings, through God’s amazing grace, he has defied statistics & transcended superficial boundaries. Today, he is an influential pastor, successful church planter, bishop, success coach, in-demand speaker, author, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and known as an “architect of excellence.” Bishop Foreman is the founder and Chancellor of Harvest Bible College. Recently, Bishop Foreman celebrated successfully shedding over 95 pounds through simple, yet powerful lifestyle changes as a testament to God’s desire for us to walk in His “shalom,” where nothing is missing, nothing is lacking, nothing is broken & all is well.

The Success Coach

Bishop Foreman believes that life is best lived as a student. Being called an “architect of excellence” by other great leaders, Foreman extends his vast experience & know-how in rebounding from setbacks, conquering challenges, and overcoming obstacles through success coaching.

The Author

As an author, Bishop Foreman has released three books, “Getting Your Finances in Order”, a fifty-two week spiritual devotional called “Living in Favor Everyday,” and the latest book “Sins of the Fathers: Breaking Generational Curses”.

The Speaker

As an in-demand & internationally traveled speaker, panelist, and featured guest in both sacred and secular venues, Bishop Foreman has the unique ability to relate to audiences of all pedigrees at churches, schools & colleges, businesses, trade organizations, and amongst leading executives.

The Philanthropist

Believing that “we don’t work to make a living, but rather live to make a giving,” in 2008, Bishop Foreman launched the Harvest Foundation, which meets practical needs through community events like the annual Back to School Sunday, which has served several thousand families with backpacks full of school supplies, free food, free clothing, free haircuts, free dental supplies, and more ensuring that every student in the community returns to school equipped with what they need to excel. Forging strategic partnerships with major corporations and other community organizations, Foreman & Harvest are known to be community transformers having given away over 145,000+ pounds of food, 110,000+ articles of clothing, and so much more.

The Church Planter

Described by his peers as an optimistic, compassionate, hard working, integral, and approachable leader, in May of 2006, Bishop Foreman founded Harvest to be a church that is passionate about changing lives and as a result, Harvest Church is a thriving, progressive, multi-cultural, multi-generational, non-denominational church that was planted from scratch with no financial benefactor or outside support whatsoever in a region of America often referred to as the “church planter’s graveyard.”

The Pastor

In vocational ministry for over twenty years, Bishop Foreman has become renowned for his bold, down to earth, practical, and humorous approach to presenting the Gospel, which makes the Bible easy to understand for all ages & backgrounds. Bishop Foreman is regarded as a fresh, engaging, and prolific voice of hope & transformation. His riveting and revelatory messages reach masses around the globe through a multitude of media platforms. Bishop boldly tackles taboo issues and makes them approachable & takes complex subjects and makes them easy for everyone to understand.

The Bishop

As a rare, natural born leader, a cornerstone of Bishop’s life is his zeal to invest in others. In 2006, he was chosen by a group of his peers to serve as a bishop, which is a pastor to pastors. In 2009, he was chosen to serve as the presiding bishop to a group of pastors that sought his consistent & proven leadership. Today, he invests in senior pastors through the Harvest Leadership Network. Bishop is also a member of the International Communion of Charismatic Churches, which represents over six thousand ministries with over three hundred bishops on six continents.

The Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurialism has been in the veins of Bishop Foreman since pioneering his first business as an adolescent. Bishop Foreman has been a job creator & innovator in a plethora of industries and knows how to turn nothing into something significant & successful. Take Dr. Foreman’s step-by-step course to build a successful business or organization below.

Notable Recognitions


Inducted into the Colorado Gospel Music Hall of Fame


Named an Influential African-American by the Denver Urban Spectrum


October 16th declared as “Bishop Kevin Foreman Day” in the city of Denver


October 16th declared as “Bishop Kevin Foreman Day” in the city of Aurora