We're A Movement, Not a Monument

Since our inception, our Bishop's vision has been to be one church in global locations & by God's divine instruction, we're excited to announce our intention to expand into the Atlanta metropolitan area. We're currently in the planning phase & will begin to hold what we call worship experiences (services) periodically in spring/summer 2020 to begin building our launch team in the Atlanta area with awesome people just like you!!

Harvest is a non-denominational, charismatic (Spirit-filled) church. At Harvest, we welcome & love all people to life. We won’t judge you. We’re not perfect, so we don’t expect others to be. That’s why we all need Jesus.

Next Steps

Having built our first location into a thriving, multi-cultural, multi-generational church from scratch in Denver, a region with little racial diversity & ranked 46/50 for lowest church attendance in America, Harvest is no stranger to building from scratch because of the great & awesome people of Harvest, affectionately known as Harvesters.

Atlanta is a melting pot that's become a hub for everything from media to fashion & entertainment full of amazing people & outside of Denver where our first location is, it's become our top digital streaming area for people watching our experiences & messages. Just like in Denver, it takes great people that want to see God do something amazing through them, just like YOU.

At Harvest, from executives to creatives, there's a place for every background, every race, every age, no previous church experience necessary.

We'll be hosting periodic worship experiences (services) for you to experience the ministry & leadership of Bishop Foreman starting spring/summer 2020 & you can click below to register so we can prepare for you with excellence.

If you already know that Bishop Foreman is your pastor & Harvest is a place you'd like to serve & use your life to change lives, you can indicate that interest below.

When will the Campus Launch?

Prayerfully & with a strong launch team, our plan is for mid to late 2020 only delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak. We want to be safe & responsible in this new endeavor. In spring/summer 2020, we will be hosting a variety of events & periodic worship experiences (services) in ATL that will allow you to experience the ministry & leadership of Bishop Foreman as we build our team in preparation for the official campus launch.

If you have additional questions not answered here, just email us at [email protected] or call 1-800-928-0585.

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