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October is National Pastor Appreciation Month, the anniversary of Bishop Kevin Foreman Day on October 16 in both Denver and Aurora, Colorado & Bishop’s Birthday on the 18th & Bishop’s vocational ministry anniversary. Since planting Harvest from scratch with no outside support in Denver, an area known as the “church planters graveyard” ranking 46/50 for lowest church attendance in the US, our Bishop has been faithful & consistent & for God’s glory, has impacted many lives and as he says, “he’s just getting started.” The Bible says in 1 Timothy 5:17-19 TLB, “Pastors who do their work well should be paid well and should be highly appreciated, especially those who work hard at both preaching and teaching.” If you want to give a gift of appreciation, you can mail it to PO Box 441004 Aurora, CO 80044 or bring it on-campus in Denver. If you want to sow a love offering, you can do that via our various giving methods. Let’s show our Bishop we appreciate him!

Bishop Kevin Foreman Day in Metro Denver - October 16

Bishop's Birthday - October 18 

Use the QR code in the image above to sow a special Appreciation love offering