The Harvest Leadership Network

Leaders from around the globe from a variety of backgrounds & various denominational affiliations are connecting with Bishop Foreman & the Harvest Leadership Network for spiritual covering, a model of excellent & effective leadership & organizational growth, and to connect with other like-minded, progressive leaders . The Harvest Leadership Network is for leaders in business, arts & entertainment, government, church, media, family/social organization & education.

HLN Member Benefits & Expectations

-HLN Members receive spiritual covering from Bishop Foreman
-HLN Members must be in agreement with & live out our 10 Core Values
-HLN Members must attend the annual Harvest Conference
-HLN Members will receive periodic email & text updates
-HLN Members can request Ordination
-HLN Members network with other, like-minded, Christian leaders
-HLN Members regularly give to Bishop & Harvest
-HLN Members regularly watch Harvest experiences online to stay fed & connected