HBC is a non-­denominational, charismatic (Spirit-­filled), self-paced, online Christian Bible College that offers Biblically-based, theological, Associate through Doctorate level degrees. HBC was birthed in 2008 out of a passion in Bishop Foreman to see Christians equipped to change the world and fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ through receiving a quality education and impartation. God is raising up well-learned leaders that are empowered by the Spirit to be on the front lines of twenty-­first century ministry. HBC is for Christians looking to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ and for those looking for advanced Biblical and practical ministry training. HBC is not a degree mill, and any degree granted by HBC must be earned with the exception of our honorary degrees in which we will indicate their honorary status.


God directed Bishop Foreman to start Harvest Bible College online to train & equip believers for the work of the ministry after years of seeing people placed in leadership roles without the proper knowledge or understanding to teach nor lead people effectively.
Gifted as an apostle, Bishop Foreman is committed to fulfilling the instructions the Apostle Paul gave to his spiritual son Timothy when he said, “commit these things to faithful men (and women) that can teach others.” HBC is about raising a mighty army of history makers and world changers. The Scripture teaches that “the Kingdom suffers violence, but violent men (and women) take it by force.”
HBC is committed to preparing servant pastors and leaders who influence business, government, arts & entertainment, church/spirituality, family, education, and media. Preparation is never a waste of time. David was not experienced in fighting giants, but the lion and the bear prepared him.
Recent statistics suggest that eighty percent of leaders drop out of the ministry and twenty percent of those who stay are on the verge of giving up and we believe that the lack of preparation is a leading cause. Harvest Church's Online Bible College may not be the best fit for those that want to passively sit back and take sides with antiquated religious rhetoric, but is perfect for those that want to see lives changed forever for God’s glory.