Even greats like Michael Jordan have coaches to help them reach the zenith of their potential.  Often called, "The People's Bishop", Bishop Foreman loves to connect with people. Outside of meet & greets on-campus & chat during live streams, social media is one of the best ways to connect with Bishop Foreman, but because of his commitment to changing lives for God's glory, despite a full schedule, Bishop still makes himself available for one-on-one mentorship in life, spirituality, pre-marital, relationships & church/executive leadership called, Coaching Sessions.

Coaching Sessions at Harvest Church are offered at no cost, but a minimum offering is received which is used to support Harvest Missions. So, while you’re being coached, your offering is actually changing lives. Harvest does not employ licensed professional counselors. Coaching Sessions can only be scheduled during times listed in the online scheduling system & due to scheduling, we are unable to accommodate sessions outside of those times. 

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